Side Channel Blowers
Introductions :
A brand new set of modules had been invented to upgrade quality and precision of these high-pressure blowers, lead the new series of blowers with outstanding appearance, airflow and pressure performance better than older generations. Rigorous inspection and testing during processing and before shipment had conducted to all the blowers, this makes sure of the customers to receive the most efficient and high quality product from us, which can satisfy versatile industrial applications worldwide.
Easy to install
The blower is a complete unit ready for immediate installing either as a air blower or as a vacuum pump. The unit can be mounted to any position, horizontally or vertically.
Rigid Structured and Reliable
The impeller and motor casings are individually die casted by aluminum, both are rigidly constructed, this make complete blower can extreme work. There is no moving part except the impeller, which ensure the maximum operating reliability and features near maintenance for the blower.
Pollution free
The impeller rotates with absolutely no contact to the housing, and there is no lubricant required for the blower, ensure of oil free and metal free operation.
Low noise and vibration
The utilization of direct-driving low-noise motor and integral silencer ensure a low noise level performance. And the high precision machined and high grade dynamic balanced impeller minimizes the overall vibration of the blower.
Highest quality
With the state-of-the-art design, precise machining processes and restrict controlled assembly procedures, and most important of all, the total QC control, make all the products always get ready in perfect condition to serve the customers.
Capacity Range - Single phase
Compress : Pressure – 40 ~ 190 mbar, Air flow – 0~3.7 m³/min. (at 50 Hz)
Vacuum : Vacuum – 50 ~ 180 mbar, Air flow – 0~3.7 m³/min (at 50 Hz)
Power Range : 0.18 kW ~ 1.5 kW (at 50 Hz)
Capacity Range - 3 phases
Compress : Pressure – 60 ~ 440 mbar, Air flow – 0~18.9 m³/min. (at 50 Hz)
Vacuum : Vacuum – 50 ~ 350 mbar, Air flow – 0~18.9 m³/min (at 50 Hz)
Power Range : 0.18 kW ~ 20.0 kW (at 50 Hz)