Disc Diffusers
Introductions :
The 'U' type Disc Diffuser is simple and sturdy. An upward facing convex dish is covered by an elastic membrane which encompasses the rim of the dish and perforated precision 'I' slits. The dish is made of ABS plastic and elastic membrane is made of EPDM manufactured by our Germany supplier. This material can resist aggressive chemical attack, tough weathering and aging. Thus, this 'U' type diffuser is a good choice for all common wastewater components.
Low Operating Costs
The streamline form design reduce the friction between air and dish body; its high OTE feature can reduce power consumption of blower as well, hence can reduce energy consumption considerably.
Self Cleaning Design
The self-cleaning design prevents clogging, so that has high ability of fouling resistance.
High Oxygen Transfer Rate
Equally distributed micro pores on membrane, can consistently produce 1-3 mm fine air bubbles, which increase the surface contact area to water, this greatly increase the OTE.
Simple Installation Procedure
The diffusers can be easily installed on most existing air header system without requiring special tools.
Extended Lifetime Expectancy
Outstanding EPDM membrane features ultra long elasticity, and its strong resistance to aggressive chemical, weather and aging attacks features, can make sure of its long lifetime.
Reliable Intermittent Aeration Operation
An integral check valve system makes the diffuser ideally suited for air-on/air-off operations.
Disc Diffuser Specifications


  U 220 U 330
Membrane Material EPMD EPMD
Disc Material ABS ABS
Disc Diameter 220 mm (8") 334 mm (12")
Operating Airflow Range  (liters/min.) 15 ~ 70 15 ~ 140
Size of Air Bibble (mm) 1 ~ 3 mm 1 ~ 3 mm
Surface Area (m²) 0.025 0.06
Diffuser Density (%) 2 ~ 25 2 ~ 25
Weight (kgs) 0.40 1.10
Max. Air Temp. (°C) +80 ~ +85 +80 ~ +85
Suitable Pipe Fitting Tee type    3" (90 mm / O.D.)