Tube Diffusers
Introductions :
High oxygen transfer efficiency resulting from fine Bubble - type diffusion.
Long diffuser runs between maintenance.
Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
Tough, durable, corrosion-proof construction.
Low pressure loss across porous tube.
Made up of Sintered P.E. plastic, which have strong structure and high resistance to chemical and weathering and aging, which guarantee ultra long life span of the product.
The porous tube diffuser has been proven in hundreds of installations to be a fine bubble diffuser that requires infrequent cleaning, while maintaining the higher oxygen transfer efficiencies expected from a fine bubble diffuser.
These characteristics have been met through the unique technology used to produce the porous tube diffuser. The diffuser tube is made up of minute resin spheres which have been fused together under pressure. This construction provides a highly uniform, porous material which lends itself for use as excellent diffuser media.
The porous tube diffuser may be mounted on any header manifold having 11/4” threaded. Installation is convenient since the diffuser is lightweight and nonabrasive. Porous tube diffusers are available in either simplex or duplex configurations
By selecting the proper control orifice, optimization of system head loss against oxygenation transfer efficiency can be effected, thereby minimizing system cost.
Tube Diffuser Specifications


  O.D. x I.D. x Length (mm) PCS Operation Airflow (liter/min.) Overall Length (mm)
S-250 φ70 ×φ50 ×250 mm 1 60 ~ 90 310
S-500 φ70 ×φ50 ×500 mm 1 120 ~ 180 560
W-250 φ70 ×φ50 ×250 mm 2 120 ~ 180 575
W-500 φ70 ×φ50 ×500 mm 2 240 ~ 360 1075
Suitable Pipe Fitting "S" type -- 25A ( 1”)
"W" type -- 32A ( 1 ¼”)

Diffuser Compositions

Compositions Holder Tube Body End Cap Sealing Packings Rod, Washers, Nuts
Material ABS P.P.+ P.E. ABS Rubber SUS 304